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In need of refreshing your brand?


Check out my latest project for Found it Digital, a series of illustrations for their monthly blog posts.

Every month I’ll be working on new illustrations for Found it’s Blog. Each illustrations covers a story based on tips & tricks specifically tailored to Retail stores. If you’re needing a boost on how to grow your business and or would like to visually please your eyes, check out the newest illustration on “How To Get Photos For Your Digital Store.” Here you’ll find free or budget stock photography.


Hey there!

Meet the Creative

Nikki Villatoro, the face behind Moni & Vee. The 24-year-old raised and born in sunny Tempe, Arizona. You can often find her in numerous amount of coffee shops in valley, drinking an iced vanilla latte and jamming to some tunes.

She specializes in both graphic design and photography.

To be more specific: Brand Identity, Web Design, Social Media Graphics and Campaigns and can cohesively capture your brand with the help of her love for Brand Photography.


Take a gander and check out my previous projects! I have different tastes in various mediums of visual design but all of which speak to me, let me know if it does for you as well too.


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Once every month Moni & Vee curates a playlist on whatever mood she may be in for that month, each playlist is tailored to specific moments; whether it may be a playlist for everyone to enjoy, designing, needing a little boost on a Monday morning– each playlist has a mood in mind. Her tastes varies from: oldies, indie, alternative, bossa nova and electronic. Give it a listen!