On the Road: Rome, Italy

Rome was the first on our list when visiting Europe, we wanted to visit the Eternal City because of the many beautiful historic areas. The Cathedral, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and so much more! We spent about 5 days in Rome and honestly, it was not enough. Our days were filled with beautiful places we wanted to see and experience but it was so draining because of the crazy humidity and due to the face that it’s summer, the roads were filled with many curious beings just like us.

But every place we visited was breathtaking, seeing the crazy architecture and experiencing the feeling of history around you was such a feeling. Walking around was also another thing, the cobblestone is so hard on your feet and you gotta be quick about tripping and playing it cool! But it was all worth it because we had mini naps in the middle of the day to re-energize ourselves, along with amazing pasta, pizza and wine. I think out of the 3 places we visited (Frankfurt, Venice & Rome), Rome had the most music that constantly surrounded us and completely loved that about it. It’s crazy how I can look back on these photos and hear a little of the beauty, I guess those are the perks of eating outside and just enjoying the moment.

Nikki Villatoro