The Canadian music group from Toronto are the opposite of what their name is. They are so good, if you say you don’t know them and you listen to a lot of hip-hop, I would say otherwise. Badbadnotgood has done collaborations with Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Mick Jenkins, Kaytranada and Ghostface Killah. The famous instrumental, jazz team is a group of 4 people, Chester on the Bass, Matthew on the keys, Leland on the saxophone and Alexander on the drums. I came across them through a collab piece with Little Simz and since then, have been hooked. I don’t know what it is about some of their songs that seem so familiar to me, but it’s the greatest thing ever. I was reminiscing to a song that I've probably never heard before and that's the most memorizing thing I've yet to experience.

There’s nothing more that I love than listening to hip-hop music with a touch of jazz, just gives that extra ‘mph,’ I’m happy to see them collabing with well known artists already (my personal faves: Kaytranada & Mick Jenkins) but I’m even more excited to see where they end up doing by the end of the year.

Get a little wild with this tune, get a little creative- pull out your sketch book, design something or cook a little something, there's something crazy about it but in the greatest way. Make sure to listen to their newest album that they just dropped in July, IV.

Nikki Villatoro