Anderson .Paak

The groovy, soulful artist is the perfect album for the summer. There's not a day where I don't listen to Malibu, Anderson .Paak's latest album.

Anderson .Paak has always been on the background side of things, playing for different bands and working for different artists- helping them develop their sound and just being a supportive person. Which has definitely helped him wrap his head around on how to collaborate with people, how to treat people and just all-around, learn who he is as an artist and develop his own persona/sound. He's been making music for quite some time now so, as a fan of Anderson .Paak, it makes me happy to understand who he is, how he grew and finally being able to see that he's receiving the recognition he deserves.

For those of you who don't know who he is, he's definitely on the rise, he's the new "it" guy- his music has a certain type of groove to it that hooks you. Not to mention, the artists he collaborates with definitely give it that extra umf. He knows who to associate himself with to make the perfect masterpiece for your ears. His sound is so blissful, his voice, his visuals (which I'm excited to see more of), I can't imagine waking up and not listening to Malibu.

The first song that got me into Anderson was a collab piece with Domo Genesis, Dapper. But I've added Anderson .Paak's newest collab piece with Mac Miller- get hooked.

Nikki Villatoro