On the Road: Seattle 2016

My trip to Seattle this October was the first fall I've experienced, and I can't even express how beautiful it really was. No matter how many photos and videos I could possibly post up, I really wouldn't be able to capture it's true beauty.

Patrick & I arrived to Seattle on Friday at 11PM. We literally had 2 hours to pack after class before we had to catch our flight and although we were tired from the week of midterms, we knew this trip would be worth it. Especially since we had a project for our motion graphics class- Seattle is just so photogenic. We knew we couldn't go wrong with any footage we could possible take.

Saturday was a dud, due to the rainy weather (not complaining because was totally prepared for this Seattle moment). But, it was the first time I got to see Seattle at it's rainiest moment. The rain literally attacked from all angles but DAT WIND DOE, I felt like I was fighting to go up hills and trying to hide wherever I could possibly get a moment for myself to be human again. Regardless, we got some coffee and food and bought a few things and found cute little hub spots where we inhaled and took in the city vibes of Seattle. From it's malls and rows of stores- to going to the iconic Public Market, we walked it all.

Sunday, we spent time with our friend Vikki who lives in Olympia, which is about an hour away from Seattle. This was the day we really got a taste of the nightlife in Seattle. From bar hopping about 5-8 different locations and walking in the soft spoken rain. We got to experience the nightlife from all angles, it's grunginess to it's gay bars, to it's poppin' hip-hop infused playlist bars to the classy bars on the outskirts (oh, and also caught the debate at every other bar as well). We stayed out pretty late for it being a Sunday and enjoyed each others company while catching every corner that we could before catching some z's and saying goodbye to Vikki.

Monday, we did our morning ritual of walking around the neighborhood that we were so blessed with (thanks to our airbnb), and gave ourselves that local feel to start our day. We walked our way into Capital Hill and everywhere else around the city- including catching a full aerial view of Seattle at the Columbia Center. Then we went to the Amazon little hub area, which was literally my favorite spot. I think it was all the glass and the reflections of each building shining on each other that made me feel like I was almost in the future- progressive AF. Wait, I lied. No I didn't- it's just a tie. Later on in the day, we went to Gas Works Park and it was beautiful (which is why I said it was a tie, because these two spots were to die for). Watching the sunset and walking around on the hills and just watching Seattle do it's thing (lowkey felt like I was in a Windows photoshoot, it was like that generic background that any Windows computer has as it's default background- you know, the green hill and it's blue sky background). Regardless, it was a photo-magnificent moment. To all the cute couples sitting and enjoying each others company, to the beautiful families playing fetch with their dog. Afterwards, we went back to the Columbia Center to experience Seattle during the night. Glowing and sparkling at it's brightest- it was a great full last day in Seattle; if I had to pick a favorite day, it would definitely be this day.

*sigh* Tuesday. It was the last day. We had our flight later on at 7PM, we tried changing it because we had a project that was due on Thursday and we kind of- may have, procrastinated on it but either way, Southwest wasn't having it unless we paid an extra $70 to get back home...SO, we decided, might as well just stick with our flight and work our asses off once we get back. Tuesday we woke up early to go to the Arboretum. Which I would have to say, if you go to Seattle, you HAVE to go here. It was so beautiful. Just walking on a pathway and enjoying the color of the leaves on each tree change; colors that no Arizonian native has seen (besides that 2 week period in Decemeber when the leaves are dying). Then, we went to get some pho to eat and went back to the Public Market, since it was so close and took a few videos for our cinemagraph project for class and went next to the Art Institute to watch the city one more time. Then. It was about that time. Having to catch a lyft back to the apartment airbnb and packing up our clothes and catching the light rail to the airport.

The past two times, leaving Seattle, I've had this weird feeling about leaving. Like I was sad, as if it was my home, almost. Like home sickness or something, that's all I could relate it to but I know it's not that. Regardless, my trip was beautiful but it was filled with lessons. Many lessons. Half the time I wonder if I could've swerved away from all these lessons and be blissful in ignorance, but we all know that life doesn't work that way. One thing I have learned from Seattle is: learning things the hard way, and work out your calves BECAUSE THOSE HILLS!