I had the opportunity to start working with Prickly Pear Paper as their first employee as a Creative Assistant. I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of what true hard work and partnership means when it comes to designing and curating a letterpress store. Both Lauren and Mark have been a dream to work with– they both taught me how to run the store, push myself with product photos, design for a wide-range of audience (sell those cards, baby!) and find the strength to letterpress each product oh, and not mention the packaging! Talk about handcrafted.



Product & Lifestyle Photography

I never realized how much I love doing product photos until I started working with Prickly Pear Paper and was challenged with doing a variety of photos. Whether it was doing photos of close detail shots of a product, flatlays, lifestyle or portrait photography.


Design & Final Product

Designing on the other hand is what makes Prickly Pear Paper– Prickly Pear Paper. I love this process because Lauren brainstorms ideas and as the designers, we collaborate! We bring the idea to life and add our personal pizazz.

While we design we always have to keep in mind about the end product– line weight, balance, simplicity and of course, love. We want our cards to have soul and fit moments for other people to enjoy and are proud of that card.