Positive social relationships are strong emotional buffers and help reduce impacts of negative stressful events, but what if you lacked the ability to communicate? This decreases the emotional well-being of a person, both socially and emotionally affecting their self confidence and the ability to express themselves. People often seek help through medications and hardly know of music therapy as an alternative. A healthier, safer alternative that can heal the mind, body and spirit through a session of music built from your lifestyle- exciting your brain in all areas, creating a positive affect and better you. 

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So why is music important to human kind and what is the benefit of it? Most importantly, why music?

A growing body of research attests that music therapy is more than a nice perk. It can improve medical outcomes and quality of life in a variety of ways: improves invasive procedures, restores lost speech, reduces side effects of cancer therapy, aids pain relief, improves quality of life for dementia patients and so much more.



App Design: Introducing Soundscape, an app and website that go hand in hand. Although this isn’t an alternative to having a session with a music therapist, it’s a whole new musical diary session, with a supportive community and a music therapist if need be.  Soundscape is an app that focuses on the cycle-social-emotional aspect of music therapy. If a client is in need of a session or didn’t have the opportunity to go to their session or, if a curious being wanted to get a small sample of what music therapy is like- here it is.

Soundscape is an app that derives off your emotion. As you open up Soundscape, you are asked to login and get familiar with it and learn the great touches of Soundscape and learn the benefits of what it can do. 

Based on your liking and choosing, you pick a song and fill in the blanks based on your emotion and what you feel fits best. After completion, you have the option of creating a melody for your song. There’s also an option that if you don’t feel like creating a melody, the original song plays.

Last but not least, there is your masterpiece and a small rewardable session! What makes the app and website go hand in hand is the fact that if you choose to share the creation with the community, it is automatically uploaded into the website under your account. 




Web Design: The Soundscape website is also an additional aspect to Soundscape. As a member of Soundscape and making your own song, you have an option of uploading your song to the community website. Here is where you document all of your emotions and keep track of your soundscape diary. 

Another great aspect of Soundscape is that it’s also very educational. Anyone can learn all about music therapy and it’s many benefits, along with current news within the music therapy world. It also showcases many music therapists and their focus along with nearby clinics and classes available.



Description: A video based on the benefits of Music Therapy, featuring Dylan McCartin as the guitarist and Kevin Johanek as the voice over.